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Keeping on with tattoo appreciation posts. @murielzaotattoo was able to snag a better pic of my white ink than I can ✨ Its now about two years old, and pops so much, it’s basically all anyone sees when I’m in public. I am very fair and my chest seems to reflect cooler tones. White ink is not for everyone, you will get different results with different skin types. I do not suggest it as a first tattoo, if you want a tattoo “no one can see” don’t get one. White gets a bad rep but there are a ton of factors you have to think about (application, aftercare, the clients skin tone) that affect the final outcome. All that being said I still love white ink tattoos and the beauty in how delicate they are. I will be eventually adding more to my throat at some time Swipe right for unfiltered photo. ***My artist is not taking on any new white pieces at this time***

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Couldn’t help myself 🙈 #whiteink

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Do you want to build a snow man ❄️

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#whiteinktattoo #outsidetattoo #rafaelfleurytattoo

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• Thank You Claudia •

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